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Warrior Coffee partners up with European Fighting Challenge

Julkaistu 31.8.2016

Warrior Coffee partners up with European Fighting Challenge

European Fighting Challenge

European Fighting Challenge is the new European mixed martial arts promotion that hits Finland on 1st October 2016. EuroFC is the first all European MMA promotion which meets the strong demand for this popular sports. Warrior Coffee teams up with EuroFC.

"We are very happy to partner-up with a growing, fresh and innovative brand that reflects our own ideology," said EuroFC CEO Jarno Kukila. "Warrior Coffee has set themselves apart and we wish to do the same. This partnership will also be great for our fans."

Warrior Coffee and EuroFC share a similar brand identity - we are all warriors of our own lives - and will work together to help each other create awareness among current and potential customers.

"We are very excited to work with EuroFC as they are doing really great job with a big heart around combat sports and organizing an unique event for us," said Warrior Coffee CEO Riku Uski. "We both want to offer experiences to our audiences, with a warrior attitude."

Learn more about EuroFC and book your tickets here and follow their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, too.

EuroFC 01 takes place October 1st from the Metro Areena in Espoo, Finland. Tickets are available now from

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